6+ Players
90 Minutes
Min. Age 12 Years


Ironsight Airsoft in Andover, Hampshire is a competitive team game in which participants eliminate opposing players with plastic pellets fired from their replica air weapons called airsoft guns. The pellets do not typically leave markings on their target, and hits are not always visibly apparent. We cater for all levels of players; from newbies to experts, all are welcome.

Our site offers a versatile and complex gaming arena allowing you to battle indoors at close quarters in themed combat zones such as the Submarine Room, Underground Train Station, Aztec Room and Prison Cell Block. Or fight outside in our Dockyard area and open fields, all set up to offer a versatile and ever-changing combat experience to maximise the player’s enjoyment.

The range of games is as diverse as our players and as well as offering this activity for Corporate or Team Building events and birthday parties, we also run ‘walk-on’ evening games on Wednesdays and all day Sunday games, as well as normal skirmish days, milsim type events and even private parties.

Our on-site shop sells airsoft consumables including ammo, pyro and gloves. Or head over to our dedicated online shop www.ironsightonline.com for all your premium airsoft products, special offers and details of our walk-on events (you can book your place online).

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My son and 7 of his friends did Airsoft for his 13th birthday and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves! No issues at all, staff friendly and facilities ideal. Thank you for giving him a birthday he’ll remember! Definitely recommend.


Staff Friendly and Facilities Ideal!

Airsoft Review

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