2+ Players
30 Minutes
Min. Age 10 Years

CQB Tactical Training

Our CQB Tactical Training uses a state-of-the-art system which, when combined with our Hi-Capa 5.1R Airsoft Pistols, gives a truly versatile and immersive target shooting experience. Fully customisable, we have the flexibility to create different training scenarios and combat simulations for all levels and abilities. We can devise interactive games so that players can improve their reaction time, practice their aim and accuracy or just have some competitive fun with their friends!

The targets can be mounted just about anywhere, use LED illuminators and connect wirelessly, so we can create a network of targets that light up in any order we choose or randomly. When hit, they bleep and the next one will illuminate seamlessly. With their innovative hit detection sensors, they link to the target’s own built-in app which monitors a player’s stats, records their performance history, checks their progress and provides analysis for improvement.

We’ve adapted one of our hangers specifically for running CQB training, but can also set the targets up in our outdoor arenas and other hangers throughout the site for a truly varied combat experience. With our semi-automatic full metal pistols with gas blow back action, we’ve created the perfect training ground for players to practice individually, in multi-player time trails or in team competitions.  

Watch our demo video to see CQB Tactical Training in action. 

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