6+ Players
60 Minutes
Min. Age 10 Years


Our indoor Zorbing in Andover, Hampshire is a great way to have fun with friends or colleagues as you play a variety of team games. The player’s top half is secured inside the transparent plastic “zorb ball” with their feet still free to power movement and direction. Enjoy a game of bubble football, sumo, bulldog and skittles… hilarious fun as you bounce off your opponents!

A great activity for children and adults, or a group of mixed ages (we put groups into smaller teams for health and safety). It’s fun to watch too so why not include it in your Corporate or Team Building event or book it for a birthday party with a difference!

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Zorbing Reviews

Booked two parties on the same day for my sons, one did Splatmaster (9 year olds) and the other did Football Zorbing (13 year olds ) . Both groups thoroughly enjoyed it. Will be booking Laser Tag for my 7 year old’s party! 100% recommend!


Thoroughly Enjoyed It!

Splatmaster and Zorbing Review

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